The Oh My Quad Community

I’ve been working to create a sense of community amongst my clients. I’m building a place for like-minded people to train together and help each other and often my clients will come in with each other to do their homework workout tasks.

As part of this, I have a strength class on a Tuesday morning open to everyone at a heavily discounted price, to give 1-2-1 clients a chance to interact with other people with similar goals. (See below for more details.) I also have some Oh My Quad merchandise available.


Coaching options:

1-2-1 or small group (2-3) personal training, PureGym Finsbury Park

Online strength/fitness coaching

1-2-1 or small group (2-6) nutritional coaching, online or in person

Nutritional consultations, 90 minutes + write up, online or in-person

Body fat measurements (calipers), in-person

Strength and Conditioning Class


7:45 am Tuesdays, PureGym Finsbury Park



Pennie is an England Athletics qualified running coach (CiRF) and works with runners to improve performance and minimise/rehab injuries. Using treadmills in the gym, Pennie anaylises your run and then runs you through the necessary drills and exercises to improve your technique.

She has lead numerous running clubs and completed the New York Marathon in 2017.

Run with Pennie:

6.45pm Wednesday, Tottenham Green Pools

GoodGym Haringey


Pennie also works with cyclists and triathletes to improve their rides, strengthen necessary muscles and limit/rehab injuries.

Pennie cycled from Barcelona to Valencia in 2017 and will be cycled around Calais in 2018 raising money for mental health charity Star Wards. You can find out more here.

Martial Arts

Pennie is a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwon Do and has won multiple medals in full- and semi-contact kickboxing at a national level.

She incorporates boxing/kickboxing into personal training sessions when requested/appropriate and teaches workshops and classes across North London.

Pennie is available for workshops and classes in schools and workplaces. If you would like Pennie to teach Taekwon Do, kickboxing, general fitness or strength and conditioning classes, or if you would like a course or presentation on nutrition, email

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