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I’ve been working to create a sense of community amongst my clients. I’m building a place for like-minded people to train together and help each other and often my clients will come in with each other to do their homework workout tasks.

As part of this, I have a strength class on a Tuesday morning open to everyone at a heavily discounted price, to give 1-2-1 clients a chance to interact with other people with similar goals. (See below for more details.) I also have some Oh My Quad merchandise available.


1-2-1 or small group (2-3) personal training, PureGym Finsbury Park

1-2-1 online nutrition and training coaching

Strong Habits: Group online 6-week training and nutrition programme

Hybrid coaching: mix of online and in-person

Body fat measurements (calipers), in-person

Run clinic: 45 or 90-minute session focussing on your run technique, in person

Strength and conditioning class


6.45 am Tuesdays, PureGym Finsbury Park


To book onto the class, email
Spaces are limited.


Pennie is an England Athletics qualified running coach (CiRF) and works with runners to improve performance and minimise/rehab injuries. 

She has lead numerous running clubs and completed the New York Marathon in 2017 with New Balance.

Pennie also works with cyclists and triathletes to improve their rides, strengthen necessary muscles and limit/rehab injuries.

Pennie cycled from Barcelona to Valencia in 2017 and around Calais in 2018 raising money for mental health charity Star Wards. You can find out more here.

Online coaching

Nutrition, training and mindset all go hand-in-hand as we work together on strengthening your being. You will learn how to eat food you love and achieve your goals, freeing yourself from the restrict-binge cycle, and learning how to make your food fuel your life, whilst still filling you with joy.

We will use a mix of evidence-based techniques, including flexible dieting and mindfulness.

Training plans are designed to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s winning a strength or endurance competition, or improving your health or body composition.

You will have access to my online portal, daily habit checklist, weekly check ins, email and whatsapp support and a private client-only support group on Facebook.

Strong Habits is a six-week group online programme. I work with clients to build habits that will lead them to where they want to go. Focussing on behaviour change means you have the tools to keep going for the rest of your life. 

Strong Habits includes:

  • 6-week training programme via app
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Weekly check ins with me personally
  • FB group for support and accountability
  • Weekly Q&A podcast for all your questions

Anyone who’d like to continue working with me after Strong Habits can graduate to Stronger, with the same focus on behaviour change, but with a solid strength-building programme. I’m all about helping you build a strong body and a strong mind. Each week I create new videos and files to help you be better. Clients are able to make requests if there is anything in particular they’d find helpful. 

To find out when the next intake starts, email me on


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