Pre-Order the Strong Habits 30-Day Bend(er) today


SH-30-Day Bend(er) is a mobility protocol to help you make huge flexibility gains, which will translate to mobility gains.

Better mobility leads to a body that moves better through life. A body that can get up off the floor easier, get up stairs easier, squat lower and ache less. 

This programme will take you from wherever you are and have you focussing solidly on your flexibility across five clear standards. You’ll be able to see distinct improvement by the end of the course. And you’ll have the programme to keep forever, so you can repeat it as often as you like, or intergrate parts of it to your normal training routine. 

Whether you struggle to touch your toes or can get your hands flat on the ground, you’ll be able to make clear progress using this protocol. You start from where you are and consistently practice a handful of different stretches and exercises to build end range strength and flexibility across the 30 days.

The first 100 people to order will pay just £50 for the programme. After that it goes up to £75.

As a special bonus for anyone who purchases the 30-Day Bend(er), you’ll be able to join my mobility subscription for the discounted price of £7.50/month. The regular price for this service will be £9.99/month. With this subscription, you’ll get three-five mobility videos a week targeting different areas and different movements, as well as access to the library of videos for as long as you’re subscribed. You’ll also have the ability to request certain videos. 

Want to move better? Order today and join me for the 30-Day Bend(er) now.

When you order, I’ll send you a link for the discounted SH Bender subscription, which you’re welcome to take advantage of.