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 I run two online coaching options: Strong Habits and Stronger

Strong Habits

Strong Habits is a group online programme. It’s a blend of all the best bits of group training, including the lower price-tag, along with some of the best bits of one-to-one – namely: weekly check ins with me.

As part of Strong Habits, you get a group-based training programme, accessible via an app; nutritional guidance; support through a systematic approach to behaviour change and habit building; weekly one-to-one check ins with me; a weekly Q&A podcast; and a supportive group of like-minded people to keep you accountable. All for just £80/month.

Starts the first Monday of each month. 


In one-to-one coaching, the emphasis is on you. Your programme is designed around you, your goals, your available kit, your preferences. Plus all of the above. Just £190/month.

Signing up

If you’re interested in either option, fill out this form to get started. If you know you want to get started, you can also fill out the DD mandate to get the ball rolling a little quicker – you won’t be charged anything until we start working together. 

Are we a good fit?

My focus is on strength training and mobility and I encourage clients to train smarter, rather than harder. I help clients reach a range of goals from performance to weight loss to returning to training post-injury.

Have you tried to lose weight before with no luck?

Do you always hurt yourself trying to exercise?

Do you wish you were stronger or faster?

I’ll equip you with the skills you need to push your training forward and get a handle on your nutrition to reach your goals. We’ll focus on a practical approach to progress that includes learning the basis and layering them up. We’ll look at where you want to be and decide a path to get you there – a path that doesn’t involve any fad diets or crazy restrictions. A path that doesn’t require huge amounts of willpower or loads of aimlessly jumping around.

When it comes to picking a coach, there’s no one-size-fits-all. You need to find someone that’s right for YOU. It comes down to personality, approach, experience and education. 

I’m the sort of coach that will teach you how to do things well. I’ll teach you why. I’ll teach you how to do things without me. I’m not going to yell at you for not moving fast enough or for wanting to enjoy a glass of wine or some chocolate. I’m not going to yell at you for anything. But I will expect you to be honest with me and to try your best. 

I’ll give you the information and tools you need to make your own decisions. To make lasting change and build the habits that lead you to your goals. Am I the sort of coach you’re looking for?

Join my team from anywhere

I’ve adapted my online programmes for covid life, so you can train completely at home. Either bodyweight-only or using bands and/or one or two dumbbells/kettlebells. 

I’ve also created dozens of videos, which I’m constantly adding to, sharing ways to modify movements based on what you have available at home. These are all in our private facebook group. 

I also have a whatsapp group for all my one-to-one clients to create a sense of community and share support, ideas and memes.

You can sign up for either here.

Training with Pennie is worth every penny 🙂 She has a great way of explaining and demonstrating things and she boosts your body and confidence. All her knowledge is scientifically backed up and she never stops learning, which makes her a rare gem in the pool of personal trainers out there. 

She is very honest and doesn’t promise anything impossible, but she is also understanding if something doesn’t work for you and adapts workout/nutrition plans for your lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend working with Pennie more, it made me a better and healthier person.

Kerstin Klaser

Fantastic trainer that’s helped me adjust my goals and get over a bad plateau in my lifting. I’ve now surpassed my Max’s and developed an appreciation for doing other excercises to assist. The encouragement had been great too, I’ve actually ended up competiting in a powerlifting competition which is something I never thought I’d do.

Arjun Taheem

I started training with Pennie around 2.5 years ago having attended a few of her classes. I decided to train with her initially to lose weight. I achieved this by strength training and nutritional advice from Pennie and after 3 months had achieved my goal and had realised I loved weight training.

In the last 2.5 years Pennie has helped me achieve my weight goals; build confidence in the gym; run a half marathon, learn to Olympic lift. She’s introduced me to other likeminded people in the gym and has her client’s best interests front and centre.

Kate Jones

Join my team

Whether you’re looking for group coaching or one-to-one coaching, now is your chance. Are you ready to get to work? You can join my coaching team now from just £80/month – no long tie in, no upfront cost. All I ask is that you stay for a minimum of three months to give yourself a chance to implement what I teach you and work through the process.

Join today!

Online coaching is a lot more cost-effective than in-person personal training. For £80/month you get a structured programme and weekly, ongoing support. That’s the same price as an average single PT session in London.

You get accountability, you take ownership over your own training and nutrition, you get to work on your own time. You get out what you put in.


What makes working with me so unique?

We’ll focus on behaviour change. On the tiny daily actions that add up to reach your goals.

We’ll focus on self-compassion and on food neutrality.

Strength training is an important component. You’ll learn how to use your body. How to appreciate it for what it can do. How to lift heavy weights. You’ll be so impressed with what you’re capable of. 

I’ll always be honest with you about what’s possible and what you need to do first.

By teaching you how and why, rather than just showing you what to do, you’ll be able to understand why some things work better than others. You’ll be able to make your own informed decisions. A benefit of online over in-person is the chance to dig deeper into the why in a way that just isn’t possible to do in just one PT session a week.

I respond to all emails within 24 hours and personally check in with all clients every week. 

I offer a blend of science, philosophy and practical first hand real work experience to help you on your journey.