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Strong Habits: the podcast

This is the feminist, fitness podcast about all things training, nutrition and mindset.

The podcast started as a way to answer client questions each week in depth. People always have the same questions and the format really lends itself to explaining things in a way that can’t be done in a chat or an email.

Over 2020 it evolved into something bigger, brining on excellent guests from all walks of life, who work within the health sphere. Guests have included fitness influencer Ban Hass, studio owner and activity Kelechi Okafor, online coach and social media whizz Jamie Alderton, world-renowned knee expert Ben Patrick – AKA the knees over toes guy, and many more. 

I like to speak with a diverse range of guests, touching on racism, politics, feminism, gender, socio-economics, and science of training and nutrition.

This page will be updated over time to include episode show notes.

Top 5 most listened to episodes of 2020

Ban Hass - on feminism, fitness and mental health (iTunes)

Kelechi Okafor - on fitness, spirituality and motherhood (iTunes)

Michaela Breeze - on weightlifting, technique and sexism (iTunes)

Gregg Slater - on health, longevity and training smarter (iTunes)

Ben Patrick - on building unbreakable knees (iTunes)

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