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Work with Pennie Varvarides

Personal trainer and MNU-certified nutritionist in London

Hi! I’m Coach Pennie, a London-Based strength and nutrition coach working with clients in-person (Finsbury Park, London) and online to help you reach your goals. Since the gyms closed, I’ve been working with in-person clients remotely via Zoom and Skype.

I know it’s pretty scary and confusing right now, so I’ve been working with clients to help them focus on what they can do with what they have available.

Coaching programmes are created on an individual basis, and include full nutritional programming for your goals and healthy habit development, along with a training plan designed to help you hit those targets. Coaching clients receive a personal support system and become part of a tight-knit community.

I will help you not only reach your goals, but understand how you’re doing it. By educating my clients, I provide you with the tools they need to go it alone, so you can carry on without me long after we’ve finished training together.

I am constantly furthering my education to become an even better coach and constantly improve the quality of service I provide you. I basically want to know all the things and this means you get to learn all the things too. If you would like to work with me, apply here.

Specialist Areas

Strength and performance


Strength training for runners

Body confidence




Mobility and returning from injury


Behaviour change


Level 3 Personal Training

England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness

MNU-Certified Nutritionist, Distinction

Pre + Postnatal Coach, Girls Gone Strong

Proficient in skin fold body composition measurements

Posture Analysis and Correction CPD

2nd Dan Black Belt, Taekwon Do

Philosophy Degree, King’s College London

Postgraudate Diploma in Magazine Journalism

Community Spirit

I’ve been working to create a sense of community amongst my clients over the last few years. I’m building a place for like-minded people to train together and help each other, and often my clients will come in with each other to do their homework workout tasks.

As part of this, I have a strength and conditioning class on a Tuesday morning open to everyone at a heavily discounted price, to give 1-2-1 clients a chance to interact with other people with similar goals. (Click below for more details.) I also have some Oh My Quad merchandise available.

As gyms are currently closed, I’ve been running my class via Zoom instead. You can still join us, if you want.
Message me to book your spot.

Recent Testimonial

I couldn’t recommend Pennie highly enough, she worked with me to identify what was important to me, so I always felt I was making progress in areas that I wanted to focus on. Training was never boring, I felt like we tried new things out each week and I was introduced to so many new techniques, machines and pieces of equipment, including my new favourite – the skier!

The things I learnt and the changes I made during our training will always stay with me, Pennie’s advice and guidance helped me get stronger, fitter and more confident.”

Grace Cullen

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